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The game development is put on hold to generate needed funds for further development and due to time constraints.Sorry for inconvenience. If you encounter an issue, feel free to message me.


Hello, it says it's on sale like your other games, but when you click on download or claim i can't go further to downloads.

I am not sure whats the issue is, but if its on Sale but not 100% free, then it will take you to Purchase window where you use paypal to buy it.  If its 100% sale, which was a limited time offer for 4 days, it wont ask you to pay. Its always on sale and many times free as well.

Well somehow it did ask to pay but since it was free you couldn't, i did try it in those 4 days and it's the only time i had such problems with a game here. Guess i will have to try another time again then.

I apologize for the issue, which even I cant explain. I can provide you the game free anytime you wish.

I would appreciate a copy if you can yeah, thanks.